My nephew turns 15 in two days.  When I asked my sister what I should get him for his birthday, she replied “huntin’ stuff” or Amazon and iTunes gift cards.  Piece of cake, right?

In years past I’ve been known as the aunt that purchases journals, books and movies for the younger family members, or Airsoft guns and a can of 10,000 biodegradable pellets.  If you have a son and he’s been into Airsoft, than you know all about that stuff! They are so fun to suck up in the vacuum cleaner – NOT!

I have a daughter, and while she’s fairly easy to shop for, boys always seem to be harder to shop for.  I asked my mom what I should get her grandson and she said a gift card to this Army Gear store near by.  Not sure I want to go that route either.  I also asked my boyfriend what I should get my nephew.  Any guesses on what he had to say?

“Condoms and subscription to Playboy,” he said.

Thanks, honey.  LOL.  I’m REALLY sure my big sister would be thrilled that Aunt Bubba gave her 15-year-old nephew a box of condoms and a “nudey” magazine.  My nephew would like it I’m sure.

Usually, I’m a huge fan of giving gift cards or cash because it allows the birthday boy/girl/bride/groom/daughter/sister the opportunity to go out and get whatever they want.

This time…I’m stuck.  I don’t know what to get him.  It probably won’t be condoms and Playboy magazines, but it will still be cool!

Any suggestions?

Aunt Bubba