That would be me…tonight at least.

I love making fires in fireplaces. Ever since I was a little girl, the smell of wood burning brings back a flood of memories.

They say your sense of smell is your strongest memory. Today on my way home from work, someone on the road home had a fire burning in their fireplace. Even with the windows rolled up in the car, I could smell it. I was immediately reminded of the house I spent ages 2-12 in.

We lived in Prairie Meadows, a small subdivision just outside the city limits of Columbia, MO. The duplex we lived in had a fireplace surrounded by brick, but we also had a wood burning stove that came from the farm house we lived in when we lived in northeast Missouri. Dad would never let us help him get the fire going but we were able to help bring wood in from the porch.

Every time I go to build a fire, I am reminded of the movie The Great Outdoors when Dan Aykroyd (“Roman”) and John Candy (“Chet”) are shacked up in a cabin in the north woods. When Chet tries to build a fire, Roman tells him he has to take the newspaper and “twist it, you twist it”. So, every time I build a fire, I think of Chet and Roman.

Here’s my “home fire” I built tonight. It’s so warm!!

The tube/pipe you see going around the back is attached to a fan and blows warm air through the house. Very nice to have in a lift log cabin.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Aunt Bubba