Once upon there was your worst nightmare.

Someone was accusing you of things out of spite, jealousy and rage. The SWAT team raided your house because you thought you had something to hide.

All of your friends eventually turn their back on you and the only people that you can trust are yourself, your family, and a few close friends.

Meet Kathie Truitt — AKA Julie Patterson. Kathie is the author of False Victim, a book based on her own personal nightmare. Julie and her family moved to a neighborhood outside of Washington, D.C. after her husband accepted a promotion. What once was a quite little suburbia neighborhood would soon turn into something from the Twilight Zone.

After getting settled in to their new home, the Patterson family starts meeting new friends. Julie also starts meeting some of the other women in her neighborhood. There is one woman in particular, Lynn, who bonds to Julie immediately. These two women start spending a lot of time together shopping, drinking tea on their sun porches, etc. Soon, Lynn starts to mimic a lot of Julie’s activities and even starts dressing like her. There are also several occasions where Julie swears she sees Lynn spying on her and her family at night.

Then, the lies start, and Julie starts confronting Lynn about several false rumors she knows Lynn has started about her, including starving her children. But Lynn doesn’t stop there. She goes so far as to claim that Julie attempted to kill her and harm some of her family members. Julie’s world turns into a living nightmare when the police eventually come to her house and arrest her for attempted murder.

Over the course of four years, the Patterson family was tormented by their neighbor Lynn. You have to read this book to get the whole story. I promise that you won’t be sorry that you did!

Like Kathie, there are many false victims out there, and for some, wrongfully accused. Thankfully for Kathie and her family, the truth eventually came out.

Aunt Bubba