Good Deed
Good Deed

For those of you who live in the Central United States, you’ve been dealing with the same weather as me—SNOW!! It started Thursday morning, just as I was driving into the office (oh, I got a new job—more on that later).  I had just turned onto the exit ramp with the freezing rain/snow mixture begin hitting my windshield.  After coming to a complete stop at the traffic light, I pulled out my phone and shared the news with the world.  “The snow just started!!!”  I shared with all my Facebook friends.

About two hours later, I was headed home because the office was closing for the day.  After an hour of winter weather, the road conditions were getting worse by the minute and the road crews weren’t out yet.  Well, I made it about a mile and called Jim to tell him I was coming to his office.  It was too dangerous to drive.

Friday, the office was closed too.  Snow day #2.  What did I do?  Tax Preparation.  UGH!!  Had to get done though.

Saturday, it was time to return to Jim’s work to dig out my car and get some stuff at the grocery store before the next snow storm came through.  I left Walmart and proceeded to head home when I came upon a man who was stopped in the middle of an intersection.

He was stuck.  Well, he wasn’t, but his car was, and was trying to dig his front tires out with an ice scraper.

I sat there stuck in the line of traffic for about 20 seconds, looking around to see if anyone was going to get out and help him. No one got out of their cars.

I saw a make-shift median and quickly pulled into it after putting my hazards on, grabbed my ice scraper, buttoned up my coat and step out of the car.

An Ethiopian flag hung from the man’s rear view mirror.  His English was poor but understandable.  I proceeded to give this man instructions on how we were going to get his car unstuck.

It literally took me less than five minutes to help this man.  Five minutes!!! Maybe even two.  When he got unstuck and back into traffic, he stuck his out of the window and gave me a smile and a thumbs up.

Driving away, I felt angry, sad and glad.  I was angry because nobody around came to help.  There are many ideas in my head about why that’s the case, but I knew if I was the one stuck out there, someone would have helped me.  I am so glad I stopped and helped that man.  His smile and that thumbs up made me feel so good about stopping to help him.

Several people just looked at me as I walked back to my car.  I hope they learned a lesson. Some of you need to watch this video I saw on Facebook literally just the other day:

Do good deeds people!  You’ll be happy you did!

Aunt Bubba