Are you a klutz too?

A few weeks ago in church, our pastor recommended a book called Messy Spirituality. It’s written by a man named Mike Yaconelli.

In that service, Pastor Piet shared a passage from the book that felt as though it was directed towards me, like it usually does. As soon as I got home, I downloaded the book, and I’m sure glad I did.

I am a Christian trying to following Jesus the best I can just like Mike and just like many others. Some may laugh at the thought of me calling myself a Christian, but those people who claim to be Christians themselves shouldn’t laugh. Is that what Jesus would do?


Jesus would forgive me of my sins and welcome me with open arms.

Like Mike, sometimes I feel like a klutz in the kingdom of God. I didn’t really start discovering faith and Christianity until after my daughter was born (almost 12 yeas ago). The older I get, the more spiritual I feel, and the more appreciative of life, love and everything in between.

One of my favorite parts so far in the book (and I’m only on Chapter 2) is when the author states:

We are all a mess. None of us are who we appear to be. We all have secrets. We all have issues. We all struggle from time to time. No one is perfect.”

He continues by saying, When you and I stop pretending, we expose the pretending of everyone else (meaning some pretend their spiritial lives aren’t messy). The bubble of the perfect Christian life is burst, and we all must face the reality of our brokenness.

Messy spirituality describes our own godly incompetence. No one does holy living very well. Spirituality is the humiliating recognizing that I don’t know how to pray well. I don’t understand God’s Word or know how to navigate it properly, and I don’t know how to competently live out my commitment to Christ. Messy spirituality affirms our spiritual clumsiness.<<em

Well said, Mike.

I won’t give away anymore of the awesomeness in this book, but of you’re a klutz like me, I highly suggested you pick up a copy of Messy Spirituality by Mike Yaconelli today.

Aunt Bubba