I know this sounds a little morbid, but I frequently read the obituary section of my local newspaper. No, I don’t go through the phone book and cross out names like Stockard Channning from Where the Heart Is, but I do look through the list of names to see if I recognize anyone in there.

Yesterday I recognized one and it caused me to gasp!

Her name is Rebecca Kuschel. We used to work together five or more years ago. We weren’t close, but we often confided in each other about life’s problems.

Becky was a very talented woman and was always trying to set a good example for her daughters. She had her flaws like most of us, but she was a fighter! God dealt her many hands and she always found a way to get through those tough times.

It was cancer that ultimately took Becky’s life and left her daughters without a mother. She was 36! Thirty-six years old! That’s only three years older than me. Cancer sucks! I have had so many friends over the last few years that have had to fight cancer and kick its butt.

I can’t even begin to imagine what their struggles have been like, and I hope I never to, but it makes me appreciate my life no matter how crappy of a day I have, or not matter how stressed out I feel. I’m unfinished. I have too much I want to accomplish.

I’m praying for your family, Becky! Sorry we didn’t get to know each other more in your short life! See you again someday. We can catch up then!

Aunt Bubba