Every time I’m in the car, the first thing I turn on, besides the A/C these days, is SiriusXM Channel 63 — The Message. This stations gives me the opportunity to get ready for whatever God plans to send my way that day, or wind down after a long day’s work. Things I’m grateful for today are:

1. The Message. I love this radio station.  Most of the time, it’s all I listen to.  As I build my relationship with Christ, the songs played on this station help me stay focused and excited about our journey together.

2. Conversations with coworkers – I don’t always get a chance to get away from my desk for lunch, but when I do, there is hardly ever a dull moment. Today the conversation consisted of a kitten getting two glue traps stuck to his back paws. Very entertaining to say the least! These people care about me too, which is awesome.

3. Whitney, Tisha and Amy — the three of you have been there for me since the beginning of the end.  Words cannot express how much I appreciate your words of wisdom, encouragement and patience as I figure everything out on my own in my time and God’s time.  Love you girls like your my sisters.  Today was so liberating! I’m so glad I’m finally here.

Aunt Bubba