God kept me out of harm’s way this morning.

I slept through my alarm and woke up at 6:28 a.m. At 7:00 a.m., a text message came through that made me realize that was God’s plan for keeping me out of harm’s way.

As I “put on my face,” I heard the familiar sirens of the Boonville Fire Department roaring up as they left the station about a block from my house. Living off a major interstate, that’s a very common sound.

I went about my morning duties so I could head out the door for work. As soon as I got into my car and put on my seat belt, the following text message came through my phone:

“Major wreck on I-70 westbound at mile marker 111 (near Mo. River bridge).
Traffic is being re-routed.”

My first thought was, “I hope everyone is okay,” but my second thought was, “wonder what this means for eastbound traffic” since that’s my normal route to work.

A went ahead and alerted my boss to make sure she didn’t worry about me. Sometimes you have to be alert for gawkers or emergency crews in your lanes, even though the text alert said nothing about lane closures ging east. There’s still a good chance for delays.

As I came over the hill approaching MM111, I immediately saw the emergency vehicles who had left their post by my house just 15 minutes ago. As I reduced my speed and slowly passed the wreck, that’s when I saw it.

The white sheet.

My heart immediately sank, and tears began to well up in my eyes.

Today was supposed to be a good today.

Today, my coworker was having a baby.

Today wasn’t a day for tragedy.

Seeing that white sheet and knowing what it represents was a very sobering moment for me. I couldn’t help but notice the faces of the other drivers as I drove past them. They had the same expression that I did.

As I continued on towards work, I said a little prayer for the man/woman who was laying under that white sheet. I thought to myself, “Today, a life was taken, but a new one is being born. I think I’ll focus more on the positive.”

I’m still waiting to hear about the cause of the accident, but I’m praying for everyone involved from the victim and their family, to the emergency workers and TV news reporter who got to drive away from it.

Aunt Bubba

P.S. This is a photo of the clouds I snapped when I got into the office this morning. A long time ago, my friend Mary said she thought rays of sun going through the clouds was someone’s spirit being lifted up to Heaven. I can’t help by think Mary was right.