It’s amazing the things you find in your purse. In one of the pockets of my purse, I keep a little notebook, and in that notebook are handouts and notes from church services over the last couple of months.

This past Sunday, I looked in the notebook to see how many pages I had left before I had to get a new notebook. What I found on those last couple of pages brought a smile to my face.

Many moons ago over a lunch or dinner, my daughter and I had a conversation about what type of man she envisioned me dating, and talked about a list of qualities she pictured for my future partner. Little did I know, she wrote these down when I wasn’t looking.

Here they are (as told by my 13-year-old daughter):

The Good:

  • Likes kids
  • I like him
  • Hard worker
  • Trustworthy
  • Financially responsible
  • Handsome
  • Is patient
  • Honest
  • Good job
  • Outdoorsy
  • Smart
  • Funny
  • Likes a lot of animals because I LOVE all animals (besides snakes, mice, lizards and insects in general)

The Bad:

  • Doesn’t like kids
  • Ugly 
  • A bad-boy
  • Has a mullet
  • Is bald. (Big no-no. Sorry bald people who can’t help their baldness, unless the purposely shave their heads.)


  • Lives in the country or has a couple of acres or so.
  • Has an ATV–love driving these!!
  • Is really cool with how annoying I can be.

And last, but not least…(drum roll please)…you have to make my mom happy. When she is happy, I tend to be happy, unless I am doing homework, which in that case I tend to get mad about.

This last comment made me really happy, but the rest of her list is pretty good, too!

Dating, in general, presents its own set of challenges, but dating a single mother is even more challenging. God will let me know who that man is one of these days, but until then, it’s all about patience and prayer.

Keep the faith!

Aunt Bubba