Last night I had the privilege of attending a bank holiday party with my good friend Wade. We walked in, found our seats and began visiting with the folks at our little round table. We listened to Christmas carols from a couple who tried their best to entertain while everyone made small talk. As I peeked around the room, I started to make a few observations:

  1. All the little old ladies in attendance were staring at me and Wade. They were probably wondering what my 94-year-old friend was doing with such a hot, young date! I’m sure we were the talk of the town today. HA!
  2. Out of 100+ people in attendance, I was one of the three youngest people in the room, not counting the caterer’s young helper, who I’m guessing was her granddaughter.
  3. The bar in the corner was NOT open for business. I even brought my ID and cash, just in case.
  4. The entertainment would have sounded a little better had the bar been open. The table all agreed to bring a flask next year.
  5. No one had their cell phones out.

Out of these five observations, No. 5 was the biggest deal to me. Sure, the average age of these banking customers was probably 65-70 (I won’t include myself since I throw that average WAY DOWN), but no one had their cell phones out! It’s definitely a generational thing.

Honestly, I was impressed, and it prompted me to send the following email to my momma today:

“Can you please implement a NO CELL PHONE policy at our house please? I want us all to enjoy each other and not be on our phones. You’re the mom after all.”

She responded with , “Works for me, but won’t be ALL of the time.”

#SmallVictories #GrannyLaw
This is going to make the teenagers, and maybe the adults, annoyed and a little restless, but they will get over it! 

Here are some things I’m going to suggest to my family this year:

  1. Watch a Christmas movie together– reply with your favorites now!
  2. Play a game, card or board.
  3. Take a walk with everyone. It’s been unseasonably hot in Missouri. I highly doubt we have a white Christmas.
  4. Talk to each other. WHAT?!? Yes, have a conversation with each other. Find out what’s going on in your family member’s life other than what’s posted on social media.
  5. Do some sort of project together. My mother often says she doesn’t want gifts for her birthday or Christmas. Maybe we could help her with something around the house. My garbage disposal needs installed – hint, hint!

So…what do you say?! Can you declare your house a “No Phone Zone” this Christmas! Good luck!

Aunt Bubba

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