A couple days ago, I wrote a blog post about declaring Christmas a “No Phone Zone.” As a follow up to that post, I have created a list of 10 things you can do to make Christmas Eve and Christmas Day a “No Phone Zone:”

  1. Help prepare the food. Putting together a Christmas meal is no easy task. Roll up your sleeves, put on an apron and get to work in the kitchen! Make this cheesecake. You’ll thank me later.
  2. Start a new holiday tradition. Read a Christmas classic, go caroling or write a letter to Santa. Check out Cozi’s 50 Holiday Traditions you could start with your family this  year. I personally like #18 for a Christmas Eve tradition.
  3. Start a puzzle. Puzzles are fun for everyone, and you can take turns on who works on it. I call the border!
  4. Play board games or card games. We all have our favorites—Monopoly, Candy Land, Cards Against Humanity…Check out the list of 76 Best Board Games of All Time to pick your favorite.
  5. Attend a church service. Churches all around town will have a Christmas Eve service. Go to church and tell Jesus, “Happy Birthday, buddy!” Make sure you tell him thank you, too!
  6. Volunteer somewhere.  Give back to your community. Serve food at a soup kitchen, or spend some time at a retirement home.
  7. Pull out those coloring books! Adults need to start coloring with the kiddo. Research shows that coloring is a great stress relief for adults, and it’s known to help patients with PTSD and depression.
  8. Catch up with your family members. Find out what’s going on in their lives. Ask them random questions. “Do you have a landline in your house? Do you listen to a voicemail, or just call the person back?” Check out more questions in the book of 4,000 Questions or . Getting to Know Anyone and Everyone.
  9. Watch a movie together. A couple of my favorites include White Christmas, Elf and Christmas Vacation. What is one of your favorites?
  10. Set up a spa! The men are outnumbered in my family, but one of them likes to be waxed…you know who you are! Set up a mani/pedi station and a waxing station. Who doesn’t want to be pampered on Christmas!

Don’t these sound way better than having your face glued to your phone? Sure, sure , you can go ahead and post that “Merry Christmas” to Uncle Ted and Aunt Millie on Facebook, but after that, put the phone down, walk away and go make some memories with your family.

Aunt Bubba