I’ve been thinking about moving, for a while now actually, selling my house and moving to the “big city.”

While I like the simplicity of life in my little town (pop. 8,300), I miss the convenience of the “big city.” I work in the city. My daughter goes to school. I attend church in the city. It seems to make the most sense to move.

My cozy little house.
One of the last brick streets.
Downtown on a nice Spring day.
I don’t mind my 55-mile round-trip commute most days, but driving in yesterday, I thought to myself, “I kind of wish I lived in Columbia again.”

Pros of staying put:

  • I love my house! It’s older, but it’s got so much character.
  • My mother lives right across the street.
  • I don’t have to get dressed up to go to Walmart.
  • Everyone knows everyone, which means someone is always looking out for you.
  • Amish families are always riding up and down my street.

Pros of moving and renting:

  • If something breaks, I don’t have to fix it.
  • I’m closer to church!
  • I’m closer to the office.
  • My daughter will be closer to school and her friends.
  • I’ll save money and time in the grand scheme of things.

There are some obvious cons—not being across the street from my mom, not being able to have a garden, and the crime rate being higher in Columbia—but it seems like a smart decision.

Someday, I’ll end up back in the country, maybe with a special part of the house for my momma, and a BIG garden, and chickens! I miss my chickens!

For now, I’ll sit on this idea, pray to God, and see what He thinks I should do.

Aunt Bubba