I’m going to let you read an entry in my journal today.


Yes, I’m really allowing myself to be pretty vulnerable with this post, but I feel it’s necessary to get my message across to you this blistery January morning (it’s 5° by the way).

When I was baptized in November 2013, the woman who led me in small group at my church (Woodcrest Chapel) gave my a daily devotional book, Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace in His Presence by Sarah Young. I love this devotional! It has opened my eyes to the wonderful life that God has given to me.


Let’s fast forward to the fall of 2015. I was in another small group at Woodcrest—Journey with Jesus. This class encouraged us to spend some time with Jesus every day and journal about the scripture we read. I’ve never spent a lot of time with the Bible, so opening it up and trying to decide what chapter to read was similar to spinning a globe and dropping your finger on a spot—”Yep! That’s where we’re going on vacation, kids!”

It’s one thing to read the Bible, but to journal about what I read was completely foreign to me. I didn’t know what to write down, and I especially didn’t want to sound silly in class the next week when we were encouraged to share one of our entries.

I was envisioning everyone staring at me as if I had a scarlet letter on my forehead with a “she’s never written about Jesus in her life” thought on their mind.

Luckily, the room is filled with gracious women, but one of the group leaders came to our rescue when she shared a piece of paper to help us with this process.

“Have you used SOAP today?” she asked.

We all looked around at each other confused, then she handed us this (and a bar of homemade soap):


“Ah ha!” I remember thinking. This makes total sense, and is something really easy to follow.

So…getting back to reading one of my journal entries…while reading Jesus Calling this morning, I read a piece of scripture that really resonated with me, and for those of you who may not be followers, or those of you who are new to this whole “God thing” and unsure if you can trust Him, maybe this will help:

Scripture – “Store up for yourselves treasures in Heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be.” – Matthew 6:20-21

Huh? what does this even mean, Aunt Bubba?

Hang with me, folks!

Observation – In the meat of the devotional, Sarah Young says to practice trusting God on quiet days, when there is nothing really going on in your life. Then, when a storm comes (personally, professionally, etc.), the trust you build up with God when it was quiet, will balance out in the middle of a storm. Only then will you be strong enough to see God through the good times and bad.

Application – I believe this to be true wholeheartedly!! Over the past few weeks, God has given me strength when I didn’t think He would, or when I didn’t think I could be strong enough to trust Him, but I did, and He delivered on that promise to me.

Prayer (this is where I feel a little vulnerable, as I don’t normally share my prayers with too many people) God, I’m so grateful that  you continue to do what I pray for you to do. I am so grateful for you, as you have kept me strong when I felt weak. Your love and strength and faith in me and my life give me the encouragement to stay strong, to make good choices (something I tell my daughter and niece to do all the time) and to continue to follow YOU! THANK YOU!!!

So I used SOAP today. Feel free to use this yourself when you’re journaling, or just when you come across a piece scripture that speaks to  you.

Until next time,

Aunt Bubba