I’m moving. Final answer. I’m selling both of my houses and moving back to Boone County.It just makes sense. When I compared my current mortgage payment and utility bills to what I might spend when I move, there’s only a $17 difference. To some, that may not be a huge difference. An hour of my time is worth more valuable than $17, so I ran some numbers and discovered that I will save around $400/month not having to make the 55-mile commute every day.

Did I mention I’m going to rent and not buy?


“Don’t throw your money away!”

“What about the equity you might lose?”

I have spent so much money (mostly on labor) fixing things this past year that it stresses me out just thinking about having to spend any more, even on something as inexpensive as a light bulb or a furnace filter.

Not being stressed out is as valuable as my time. Not gonna do it!

So now comes the process of selling my houses. I’ve heard many people say, including my big sister, that burying a statue of St. Joseph in your yard will help you sell your home quickly. According to Saint-Josephstatue.com, the tradition of burying a statue of St. Joseph in the yard of a home that you’re trying to sell goes back thousands of years. It is believed that because St. Joseph is the patron saint of home and family if you pray to him for help when you’re selling your home and you bury a statue of him on the property, he will help you by sending buyers to the home so that you will get a quick offer on the home.

In addition to burying him upside down and 12 inches down and 3 feet away from the house, you’re supposed to bury him facing the direction you wish to end up. For me, that’s east. After your house sells, you dig him up and take him with you to your new home and put him in a place of honor to thank him for his help in selling your home.


I bought two of them on Amazon today. They will be here on Tuesday.

Photo from Amazon.com.

Can I ask for your prayers, please?

Please pray that my houses sell! The rental I’m looking at isn’t vacant until April, so I’ve got some time to sell both properties, but can you imagine if I have two mortgage payments on top of a rent payment!? I’m really hoping that everything falls into place in a timely and stress-free manner. One could only be so lucky!

Aunt Bubba

P.S. I really hope they let me have chickens, not that I’m going to get chickens, but I will be in the county, and might be able to have chickens.