Never in all my 36 years have I heard what I heard at dinner last night.



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As my daughter and I sat down in our booth with my mom, a husband and wife entered the restaurant. You could tell they had never been there before because they didn’t know they could seat themselves. A waitress named Deanna, told them they could have a seat wherever they liked. They proceeded to sit in the booth behind us.

Our waitress came and took our order, then Deanna greeted the couple sitting behind us.

What the male customer said next to the waitress not only restored my faith in God, but touched my heart so much.

“Is there anything we can pray about for you when we bless our food?” the husband asked.

My ears immediately perked up and I listened intently for Deanna to respond. You could tell she was a little shocked to be asked this question, because there was silence for a few moments before she answered.

“You could pray for the health of my kids, and that they continue to stay healthy,” Deanna replied.

“We would love to pray for the health of your children,” the wife replied.

I knew immediately that God had placed us in this restaurant last night for a reason. The restaurant we really wanted to go to was closed for some reason, and after I overheard what I did, I knew we had picked the right place to eat.

I proceeded to get up and head towards the salad bar to make my salad, but before I did, I approached the couple and told them how inspired I was that they would offer to do that. The husband began to describe a service one of their pastors at Church on the Rock in St. Peters, MO had given about giving back to others. He also told me he would leave a big tip for Deanna in order to share some of the blessings God had bestowed upon him and his wife.

“You would be amazed to hear some of the stories people share with us,” the wife said. “One young man asked us to pray for the kidney transplant he was getting ready to have.”

I told them a little about Deanna, not because I know her well, but because she has worked at that restaurant for quite some time and used to live down the street from my rental property. She has three kids and ALWAYS has a smile on her face whenever mom and I would eat at that restaurant.


Serve the Lord with gladness. - Psalm 100:2
Serve the Lord with gladness. – Psalm 100:2

I’m so glad my daughter got to hear everything that happened last night, because it’s a prime example of not only giving back to others with what God has blessed you with, but also there are other Christians out there besides her mother, and we all believe in serving God and spreading his love.

I hope you, too, see this as an opportunity/reminder to spread the love of God and give back to others.

Aunt Bubba