Students spent the night at school.

Hundreds of cars flipped upside down or in ditches.

Hours upon hours to drive a few miles.

Yesterday, mid-Missouri got hit with a little ice storm. It took me nearly four hours to drive a total of 17 miles (work to school to retrieve my child, then school to home).

It was INSANE! I’ve never seen anything like this in Columbia before.

It’s times like this that bring out the best in people, or the absolute worst in people.


  • Teachers and administrators stayed at schools for HOURS to keep kids calm and safe while they waited on busses or parents to arrive in order to get kids home. Some people even opened up their homes for students who couldn’t get home and gave them a safe place to spend the night.
  • A man who lives in the neighborhood across the road from me spent a lot of time salting a very steep hill so other people could get home to their loved ones. Many people had to leave their cars parked on the road (or in my driveway) and hike up an icy hill just to get home.
  • People praying for the safety of the road crew and emergency service personnel who risked their lives trying to serve their community.


  • The horribly impatient and rude drivers who did nothing to help the situation by insulting people who were trying to do their jobs.
  • The man who simply sat in his truck and watched the other man salt a hill, never once offering to help.
  • The people who assumed parents didn’t realize their kids weren’t home from school yet, or who couldn’t get to their children. Maybe they couldn’t? Maybe they were trying their best?
  • Possibly me, for even writing about the bad. 🙂

Yes, the City messed up. Yes, the school administrators probably should have called off school earlier or canceled it altogether, but give a little grace, people. These are tough decisions to make.


  • More inclement weather is coming.
  • The temp is supposed to get down “bitter cold,” per the local news stations.
  • Did I mention a -15° wind chill?
  • BRR!

The Missouri Department of Transportation has been urging drivers all morning to avoid the roads. They are still icy. If you don’t need to get out, DON’T!  Not only are you risking your life, but you’re also risking the lives of the people in your community.

Sometimes, the worst situations bring out the very best in people.

Get on Santa’s nice list. If you find yourself in a position to help someone out, do it. You’ll be glad you did.

Aunt Bubba