“God doesn’t ‘speak’ to me the same way He ‘speaks ‘to you. I keep thinking I will hear Him clearly tell guide me one way or another.”

When my friend made this statement to me the other day, it pulled at my heartstrings, but I’ve had those same thoughts myself. About five years ago, I felt the same way he did.

I was confused. I felt lost, and maybe a little forgotten. I was looking for some clear direction from God and didn’t feel like I wasn’t getting any.

I remember wanting the same relationship with God that my friend Amy had.

“Why doesn’t God ‘speak’ to me the same way He ‘speaks’ to Amy? Am I not good enough? Did I mess up too much?”

I think I felt because Amy was a “better Christian” than me, she had “an in” with the Big Guy.

“She’s been a Christian longer, so of course God would ‘speak’ to her before He spoke to me.”

Those were the things I was thinking. Five years later, I would finally understand that God “speaks” to us all differently.

In order for God to ‘speak’ to you, I believe it’s important for each of us to identify a skinny place.

Before you go getting all angry with me, I’m not trying to tell you that you need to lose weight (put down the carton of ice cream already).

A skinny place is defined as “a place where Heaven and Earth meet so closely together, that you felt God’s presence and a sense of peace and awe. It’s a place where God is active and present.” — Piet Van Waarde

This is the definition that the former Senior Pastor at my church, Woodcrest Chapel, shared with the congregation in October 2016. This series opened to my eyes to the many ways people could connect to God and ‘hear’ from Him. After the conversation I had with my friend, I thought it was time to dig out my notes and help someone else find their skinny place.

Over the next few entries, we will dive into a couple of the skinny places Piet discussed, as well as a couple of mine own, including:

  1. The Bible
  2. Nature
  3. Conversations
  4. Music
  5. Journaling

By the end of this series, I hope you have found your skinny place and God is finally “speaking” to you, too.

Aunt Bubba