In 1946, stamps were $0.03 and my late Grandma Libby was being “courted” by my late Papa Bill.

Fast forward to June 9, 2009 – Grandma Libby passed away after suffering a massive stroke days before. 

Around this time of year I always get a little nostalgic and start going through old photos or letters from her house.

Recently, I found some letters inside her late husband’s leather aviator case. Papa Bill was a lieutenant in the Army. 

I found a few things interesting while going through these letters:

  1. He was a pack rat and kept everything (thank goodness for that, because I saw a whole side of Grandma I have never seen before), and
  2. Most of the letters have no address on them, simply a name, city and state. 

Since today is June 13 and I found a letter from June 13, 1946, I thought it would be fun to share a letter from more than 70 years ago. Some of the phrases are a little confusing, but enjoy!

Hi honey bun:

So good to hear from you – what day do you start back, or do you know yet?

Over at Harris’s last nite – all sat out on the deck – another wonderful moon – thought “full moon and empty arms” (know that song, don’t cha) – got to thinkin’, gosh – only a few nites ago and William was here – seems so long.

Mother went over to Harris the morning after you were here, bright ‘n early – wanted to know what time I left over there – etc. – she’s never mentioned it to me tho and better not for I’m just at the point to tell all my relatives to lay off – fed up – living here has brought out the worst in me, made me so irritable. People can ask me to do anything but they can’t DEMAND or force me or my Missouri Mule crops out in me!!

With my sister and her husband here I don’t know how successful we’ll be doing anything – it’ll be too obvious – they just don’t enjoy doing the same things we do – they don’t smoke OR drink which is their business, yes, but they kinda cramp others style. They’re lots of fun – I know they won’t want to leave for an evening for their time is so short here.

May sound silly but up till “Monday nite” week ago, I thot if I didn’t get outta here I’d be bazurk – but since I’ve met you I’m perfectly contented to stay – be fun to go east for a while but I don’t care particularly now. Think you can do an awful lot for me – my brother has such a screwball attitude toward woman that he’s given me a terrific complex about “divorcees” – I’ve actually suffered with it.

Sorry I did seem no “fun” the other nite – had a long talk with myself beforehand + promised I wouldn’t lose my head, but I did – everything about you was perfect – you’re so darned tender, gentle, sweet and loveable, my kind of sweetie heart – and after so – long time (since Xmas) I couldn’t resist you – told you I was weak willed when it comes to being loved – can’t get enuf – just love it.

Mob coming for dinner today and boy is it hot – gonna put on shorts + halter this aft and get out in the sun – don’t mind it when I’m out in it and dressed accordingly but hate to have on layers of clothes + my “ladies aid smile” on a hot afternoon.

See you soon hon’ – I hope!

Best – “The gay widow”

Sure thing I’m nuts – can’t I have fun being that way!

“Papa Bill” circa early 1940s

Grandma wasn’t a widow until much later in life, so I’m not sure what her signature meant, but she was usually a very gay/happy lady! Miss her lots. 

Do you have any old letters passed down from your relatives?

Aunt Bubba